Mesón del Principe Restaurant


City: Camagüey
Address: 7 Astilleros St. between San Ramón and Lugareño St.
Base Price: 12
Capacity: 40
Typology: Creole, Caribbean, Seafood, Vegetarian, Vegetarian
Working Hours: 12:00pm-0:00am
Cost of Reservation/Person: $1.50
Security Deposit: $7.00
Total reserve: $8.5


The Mesón del Príncipe restaurant has a lot to offer, from the moment you arrive the attentive and helpful staff will give you a warm welcome. The decoration of the place will give you a trip back in time to the old Camagüey streets through a unique photographic exhibition. This restaurant has a peculiarity that enchants customers, they give as a gift a symbol of the city, a tinajón. It offers a varied wine list of excellent wines in its air-conditioned premises, and also has an area for reservations. The signature dish of the place is the Fantasía Santacruceña, shrimp enchilado, fish fillet, pork steak with onions, chicken grille steak, white rice or congrí with garnish.


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