Las Ruedas Restaurant


City: Morón
Address: Villamil 20 between Vesallo and Narciso López
Base Price: 12
Capacity: 40
Typology: Creole, International, Vegetarian, Vegan
Working Hours: 12:00pm-0:00am
Cost of Reservation/Person: $1.50
Security Deposit: $7.00
Total reserve: $8.5


Las Ruedas is a relaxed restaurant serving Creole food with style. Spacious and fresh ranchón that houses the best cocktail bar in town. Among the dishes offered are: fish grille, garlic shrimp, and fresh vegetable salads. Attentive and professional staff, very lively and sociable atmosphere. Present in its menu a variety of seafood, fish, fruits and vegetables, exquisite dishes for an unbeatable tasting. Do not hesitate to ask for their wine and cocktail list. The house specialty is pork and chicken a la Rueda, consisting of steak and breaded ham.


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