Giroud Restaurant


City: Trinidad
Address: Rosario 403 corner Media Luna
Base Price: 8
Capacity: 40
Typology: Cuban Food, Italian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Vegetarians
Working Hours: 8:00am-23:30pm
Cost of Reservation/Person: $1.50
Security Deposit: $7.00
Total reserve: $8.5


The Giroud restaurant is a legacy of history from generation to generation. Its name itself is a tribute to its ancestors. Those that in the 19th century brought prosperity to the town. From the design of the traffic circle in the city’s current Central Park to the much-needed water. One of its owners, a mural painting restorer, decided not to alter the façade of the place.

Inside, the decoration of the spaces distinguishes it from the rest of the restaurants in the area. Antique typewriters, antique head furniture and even a Caribbean television set that appears as a seat. A mix of vintage decor and eclectic style. On one of the shelves is a crucifix of the family’s ancestors, carved by Joseph Giroud from the femur of his brother, preserved to this day by the family. Enjoy fresh and innovative dishes in an epic setting. The flavor and hospitality of its staff will make you fall in love. Very famous are its pizzas and its cocktail classes, try the secrets of the authentic Cuban flavor.


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