Restaurant Bar La Redacción


City: Trinidad
Address: Gutiérrez 463 between Simón Bolívar and Francisco J. Zerquera
Base Price: 10
Capacity: 50
Typology: Food Cuban, Caribbean, Latin, Latin American, European, Seafood
Working Hours: 11:30am-22:30pm
Cost of Reservation/Person: $1.50
Security Deposit: $7.00
Total reserve: $8.5


There is not a space in the ancient city stopped in time that does not keep a little bit of history. The restaurant Bar La Redacción is no exception. This house was the home of the newspaper El Liberal, the original signage of which is still preserved, painted on the arch where the bar is located today. Original period publications decorate the walls and an antique typewriter welcomes you. Located in one of the main streets of the city and inside a building with architectural value dating from the nineteenth century. A history of Trinidad’s gastronomic offerings is written here.

With a fresh and renewed approach, European customs are mixed with traditional recipes, offering a unique flavor to each dish. Among its strengths is the freshness of its food, organic vegetables, fresh fish and natural seasonal fruits. The menu may change, we will be serving what is received fresh day by day by the producers. The house specialties are the Roast Pork, marinated with Cuban herbs and spices and roasted in a traditional stone oven. Also in demand is the Redacción Burger, lamb or pork burgers, served on a lightly toasted homemade roll, accompanied by fries and salads. If you pass by, come in, try its charm, you won’t regret it.


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