How to book the Restaurant?

How to Book Cuban Restaurants with Best Cuban Restaurants?

It is very simple to book with us Cuban Restaurants, maybe more than you can imagine. We can organize your meals in all destinations in Cuba. This way you will not have to wait in line or wait long to get a seat. Enjoy the convenience of arriving at a restaurant and having your seats reserved, ready to eat.
The Best Cuban Restaurants are grouped by tourist destination and type of cuisine. To make a reservation we need you to select the restaurant or restaurants you want. Once inside you must indicate:

  • Number of Reservation Spaces.
  • Reserve Day.
  • Reservation Time.

Add each of the Cuban restaurants to your shopping cart. Then you will have to fill in the contact information of the purchase. Our team will get back to you immediately. In addition, you can request help through the online chat, as long as it is active at the time of your reservation.

There are two components to a restaurant reservation. A fee for our intermediation action (very low in reality = 1,50/person) + a security deposit to assure the restaurant owners of your arrival. The security deposit is equivalent to 7 USD/Person. Therefore the reservation for one person will be composed by 1,50 USD (Reservation Fee) + 7 USD (Guarantee Deposit). The platform of your credit or debit card will be momentarily blocked for 8,50 USD/person. When you arrive at the restaurant, the 7 USD deposit will be released and we will charge from your menu only 1.50 USD/person. If you do not arrive at the restaurant within 30 minutes of your reservation time, we will charge the security deposit in order to pay the restaurant. To know our cancellation policies go to the following link of General Conditions of Use.

Once you have paid for the service by mail or paypal, we will send you a voucher with all the details. Upon arrival at the restaurant you will present the service voucher to occupy your reserved seats.

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