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Our team was forged by the desire to promote the island of Cuba with its main touristic values. Most of its members are university graduates or have a background in tourism/economics. We are mostly Cubans very much in love with our wonderful country.

With The Best Cuban Restaurants we intend to provide travelers in Cuba with the best restaurants where to eat. An App that gathers for each tourist destination the best gastronomic offers of our country. The best Cuban Gourmet at the hand of everyone who visits us.

Within our platform we offer other services in addition to gastronomy. They are directly related to travel in Cuba. We offer advertising for products of other companies of our Travels & Incentives group of companies. Among them is the travel agency to Cuba, easyBookingCuba or the company of Transfers in Cuba, by its acronym TaxiCubaCar.

Among the products/services accessories to the Gastronomy in Cuba we offer:

Our Team Values.

  • Our strength is the value of the group, of the team. We are distinguished by our ability to share our knowledge among all of us. Aware that the generalization of knowledge is the only way to innovate on a daily basis.
  • We all learn together from our mistakes and share that learning with others. There is no development without mistakes, because they are part of the natural learning process. There is no better product if there has not been a worse one to compare.
  • We are bold because we are determined to apply or create things that do not exist or are not known in Cuba. Great ideas have never been without great sacrifices, great courage to develop them and, above all, great criticism. We like to dream without fear.
  • Our main goal as a team is to feel good about working together. When the work environment is pleasant and we have fun while working. Then the tasks are done from the heart and you work hard to do it better every day. We believe that this philosophy can only lead to increased customer/user satisfaction.

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Owner (Eliety Ramos Escano)
general manager gessler cubacar
CEO (Gessler Camilo Toscano Orbea)
Operations (Stefano Rossi)